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"Come checkout the Lagos Hash. We run, walk or crawl through the streets of Lagos. Afterwards, we drink, sing and have a great time...


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Too pissed to remember what happened last Monday? Missed last week and want to know where the run is this week? Want to find out about any up"cuming" special events? Never been on the LH3 before and want to know what goes on?


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JAN 24, 2015 by HashWeb



Friday 24th - 26th January, 2015.

Venue: Polo Club, GRA, Port-Harcourt

For itinery, call Sporadic Cummer 08036600652

JAN. 1 - 30 DEC, 2015 by HashWeb




  1. Nash Hash – Constitute committee between Lagos and Warri Hash. Aim to run mid 2015. Warri is good to go.


  1. Uligan is merged with Obudu and aimed at 28th April – 3rd May 2015.  Hashers to leave Lagos on Tuesday 28th and head straight to Obudu, leave Obudu on May Day (1st May) to Uli and leave Uli on Sunday for Lagos.


  1. Posh Nosh was successful last year and is billed to hold this year, TBA


  1. Moon Shine – is a Night run  with date to be decided
  1. Red Dress Run merged with Christmas Run t


  1. Port Harcourt Reactivation Run to be done in January, Sporadic Cummer!


  1. Kenya Relay - Mid October 2015 – proposed to LHHH, a fun run very cheap to fly as flights are subsidized and visa can easily be obtained. We target about 10 – 18 person from LHHH team to run on the Kenya Relay run
  1. Sierra Lone Pan African – Read updates on the facebook page!


  1. Hand Over Run – 31st Oct. and 1st of Nov is approved as exactly one year since the inauguration of the current mismanagement.
  1. 2000th Run will be in August, 2015 will be a special event but can be collapsed with Nash Hash should in case…


For more information, pls call Always Free 07080419898